Radeon 9600 or GeForceFX Go -- when?

AGES ago (at least two months :slight_smile: they both announced laptop chip sets with DX9 capabilities, and the murmur was that May would bring us products in the consumer market. Unfortunately, neither Dell nor Compaq nor Sager nor AlienWare have any models available. Not even Clevo (who I believe builds for most of these vendors, anyway). What’s up with that?

Does anyone know anything more than rumors WRT retail level availability of these babies?

ALDI a famous food suplier sold a Notebook with the low end fx5200 last
week. Here is a little description from a german computer magazin: http://www.chip.de/news/c_news_10452923.html . But the notebook overall
isn’t that top, cause it has a desktop cpu and only a low-res display.

Toshiba anounced their high end satellite series with fx5600go : http://de.computers.toshiba-europe.com/c…RODUCT_ID=62644

This notebook is a damn good thing from the specs, but it is also very expensive.

All links go to german sites, but it should be posibble to identify the
important stuff.


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Thanks for the info!

I don’t mind a desktop CPU (I’m looking for a “luggable” computer ;-), but I do mind a small screen. Also, I’ve seen several models of Toshiba laptop that use a custom Toshiba BIOS, which seems to turn down the CPU speed randomly, for seconds at a time, allegedly for thermal control reasons. This leads to all kinds of badness for our simulation product :frowning:

Anyway, product on the market means “any week now” which is good enough. Thanks!