Radeon 9000 pro on Counter-strike, says OpenGL mode not supported

I have a Radeon 9000 pro 128 Mb. AGP 3d card with newest drivers from ATI. When I get on Counter-Strike and select OpenGL as my renderer then try to play or go to the console from the menu, it says that the openGL mode selected is not supported by my card, but my drivers are up-to-date and thay say that they support OpenGL. I have tried reinstalling the drivers numerous times, but with the same result. All other games that i play(GTA III, Soldier Of Fortune II, and Serious Sam) work, except Half-Life and it’s mods. If you know what is wrong or can give me a file that will fix this, my e-mail is Ihatefruitypeople87@msn.com


I used to have the same problem… and still do ocasionaly… there is no sure fix i know of, but when ever it does that to me I need to selecte direct 3d, join a game, exit completely, open HL, select open GL, join the game, if it didn’t work repeat. Ive had to repeat this proly 6-7 times before… it is time consuming and anoying, but as long as i dont have to play in d3d mode, im happy.

You only reinstalled the drivers? lol, i got so desperate I reformatted my whole hard drive… not the it help what-so-ever… O well…

This may or may not work for you, but it works for me…

Thanks, it seems to work! I wonder why it does that. anyway, thanks for the info.