Radeon 8500 too good for Athlon 700 MHz?

Hi there,
I have an pc with following specifications:
athlon 700 MHz
256 Ram
and ata 100 drives.

I want to buy the radeon 8500 and take advantage of the open gl drivers under win2k. But now the question: isn’t the 8500 TOO good for such a “old” system.
I mean, would I get all the power out of the 8500 with a 700Mhz processor? I was always whinking that for such a card you need more of a 1,3 GH processor to take fully advantage of such a graphic card.

Wouldn’t a radeon 7500 be enough for my system?
thanx in advance

I have a Radeon8500 in my system, with an Athlon 700 running at 900 mhz. Before the 8500, I had the Radeon64DDR VIVO, I noticed a definite performance increase by upgrading to the 8500, as well as increased visual performance.

You will definitely see more of an improvement with a faster CPU, but the 700 Tbird is adequate enough.

Hope this helps…

are you using the dual monitor support? and win2000?

Yes on both accounts, I’m using dual monitors in win2k.

The only problem I’ve had, is that with some driver versions, the display gets messed up when I run my own OpenGL apps inside Visual Studio when I have dual displays turned on. If I have only one display enabled, or run my app outside Visual Studio it works fine, so it’s a rather minor (but inconvenient) bug.

Edit: I’ve seen the 64meg versions of the 8500 for $115 at http://www.newegg.com in the “Refurbished” section, but they don’t come with the DVI to VGA adapter.

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