Radeon 8500+Combustion 2+OpenGL= NO WAY?

I’m using combustion 2 and since it is using opengl accelaration I bought an hercules 8500 LE graphics card. everything is working fine (gamesd are faster etc.) but now combustion keeps crashing, and the opengl setup doesn’t seem to work for this card. Anyone else haveing similar problems?

thanx in advance

win200 SP2
256 Ram

Just a shot in the dark but have you tried shutting all the programs down at bootup and running the game. Also try reducing your graphic settings in the game and your audio. You will find that some software settings in the game may conflict with the settings in your video card. Also make sure the motherboard, video card, audio card and other hardware on your system has the most current drivers. Microsoft has operating system fixe’s for the radeon series of cards, check them also. A million ways to fix the problem but which road do you take. The Radeon 8500 is having a bunch of issue’s with opengl files. One fix I found for a game, was searching that game directory and removing the opengl file in the folder and pasting into a save folder. This forces the game to use the windows default opengl file and the game may work better. Hope you find the answer.