Radeon 5800 Problem

This isn’t OpenGL related, but I’ve been having problems with my Radeon 5800.

Sometimes if I shutdown my computer and restart, the monitor remains blank. I have to leave the computer off for a while before it will boot normally. In Windows, I’ve also had problems with blue screens and a couple times I’ve seen a message that my graphics driver stopped working. This has happened when all I’m running is internet explorer. I have the latest driver.

Is this a problem with the driver or is the card messed up? Is there a way to determine if I have a hardware problem?


Might be overheating, can happen due to dust, failing fan, or even a thermal probe acting wrong.
Can you check that ?

When you want to restart the computer, you can try to unplug the power, hold down the main switch for about 10 seconds, then put the power back, and turn on as usual. This should discharge any electricity stored in the computer after you have turned it of.