Qurey - Fedora core3 will support GLUT?

I installed fedora core3 last week,(I got the CD from Linux - Bangalore 2004 event last week)

my qurey is Core 3 will support GLUT or Not,

if supported means where i have to run?
say the step by step process

Thanks for allways helping me

hi all
after 2 week i got the answer

opengl is working in fedora core3

but if i use “aux.h” some error will occur what to do? give me some tips…


GLUT is no longer packaged with RedHat/Fedora distros but you can find glut rpms or download the source and build it easily enough.

As for aux.h - glaux or whatever it was called is a Windows specific set of functions. Someone may have ported it over to Linux but the only feature anyone I know ever found useful was bitmap loading. You should be able to find something similar in some sort of file loader utility (can’t think of any - built my own). Qt and/or GTK may also have bitmap loading support.

Fedora core 3 comes with a freeGLUT rpm as an installable option. (However I have yet to find the devel-rpm on the disc…)


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