Quicktime Movies as Textures

Hello My Fellow Mac PROgrammers,

 I love Quicktime and I love OpenGL, however, I need to be able to play a movie (6 actually) in 3d space.  My program plays an animated cubic panorama right now, but, if I have images for each wall that is 150 to 180 images that I have to load into memory per second of animation.  That is really stacking up on my registers (if you know what I mean).  It is expensive hard drive wise, too!!!

 What I have:
      I have an example from the net that plays a movie in 2d space (sound and all) using an OpenGL orthogonal plane.  I tried to implement and debug this to work with 3d space but when I use the StartMovie(movie) function it'll play the sound and will only display the first frame of the animation.

 What I need:
      If anyone could hook me up with some info on how in the 3d world do I play a movie (or 6) in OpenGL, I would appreciate it greatly!!!

 Thanks In Advance,
 Nathan Warden

i don’t know but there is NSImage…maybe there is a class for
movie textures…

i love my mac an qt too

Take a look at Apple’s OpenGLCompositorLab sample . It will play as many QT movies on GL surfaces as you want… the bottleneck is the hard drive.

Thanks for the example…

I think that if this is the normal speed for six movies (and this is going faster than the QT player can play these six movies, then, it is still too slow.

Oh well, looks like I might have to go back to the drawing board…

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