QuickShader Beta - effects/shaders editor tool

For over a year I’ve been working on a program which i think might be nice tool for shader/effects programmers. Basicaly it’s a shader editor with 3D scene and camera free look. I needed such a tool that would let me create effects fast and see them in action on my own models on scene, so I created one and decided to share it with others. I hope it can be of use for some of you.

Here is how it looks like:
hi-res:basic scene, [sponza](http://karolsobiesiak.com/sharedfiles/img/interface sponza.png)

Basic features are:

[li]Opensource[/li][li]OpenGL\GLSL 4.0 - all 5 basic shader stages can be programmed through builtin text editor[/li][li]User difined uniforms (float uniforms controled with slider with min-max-step values)[/li][li]Phisics - collision detection with 4 different convex shapes[/li][li]Mesh loader - many formats are supported but obj is the most stable at the time[/li][li]Points - dynamicaly added to scene (array of vec3 uniforms that can be treated as lights)[/li][li]Bloom - as builtin effect[/li][li]Resizable GUI (ctrl+scroll)[/li][li]Six effects already inside:[/li][LIST]
[li]Basic Effect(Lambert/Phong)[/li][li]Normal Mapping[/li][li]Parallax Occlusion Mapping[/li][li]Displacement Mapping[/li][li]PN-Triangles[/li][li]Phong Tessellation[/li][/ul]

It still needs a lot of work, but as it is now i think it can be released as a beta and be useful. Documentation is on the way but most of the basic controls are intuitive and input data for shaders can be deduced from delivered shaders.

known issues:

  • unicode is not fully supported yet so if it won’t run or files won’t load change location and your resource file names to plain latin characters
  • app is still not fully ‘fault tolerant’ so be sure to do things the way they should be done (dont try to tell it that 3D models are textures or other things like that ;))
  • no prompt for saving changes in text editor when closing window

If someone want to try it please visit my homepage or go straight to the download link. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for this tool!
I have an immediate use for it :D.

Things to improve, but can live without them:

  • Keyboard shortcut to autosave+compile;
  • mark compile-error lines

I’m glad you like it :wink:
There are many features and improvements on the paper that have yet to be implemented, so i hope that over time it will be less and less bothersome ;). Improvements on editor are first on the list.
// i still dont know if it’s working under winXP, so if someone can test that I would be grateful.

Making something like this is my dream… I started with shaders and OpenGL waaay over at a Lua based 2D engine called Love2D. One day, when I was attempting to make a spring-sheet (cloth-like) emulator, I was frustrated by the lack of low-level accessibility in the shaders, so I am determined to make my spring sheet program without anything I deem a “dependency” (except for all the dependencies). I will use GL_RGB_32F textures to store the positional, velocity, and acceleration information and run this simulation as fast as possible making use of the GPU wherever possible!

Anyway… amazing program, it totally inspired me.

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