Quick question about using Textures with regular polygons *PLEASE READ*

First I have created a basic world, using Polygons of different colors (red,blue, green etc). Then I created 1 Polygon to which I applied a Texture bitmap, and once I did that, the DIsplay for my other " BASIC " polygons started to act crazy… Texture polygon is displayed COrrectly, but other polygons lost their colors, and when I move the camera they appear and disappear…

THis is my first time working with Bitmaps, and I was wondering if I Once apply bitmap to 1 Quad, do I have to apply Bitmaps to remaining Polygons.

This is what I did

create world

create 1 quad and apply texture to it

do you disable texture mapping?

haha Thanks man… I did not think of that… LOL… Its working now.