Questions regarding Xp and new Detenator driver compatability

Hey guys, first of all, let me comment on xp and say that the setup and registration is the worst experience I’ve been through when it comes to installing something. After installing XP, I downloaded the detenator drivers for XP hoping that all would be good. Neither OpenGL, nor D3D is exsistant. I have a Geforce2 MX, and I’m certain that I chose the right file for driver updates. I uninstalled old drivers, installed new, yet no graphics. I’ve seen other posts regarding the same thing, however I think I need some clarification and need a couple of things to be simplified. Do the Detenator drivers work for XP? If so, could anyone possibly have a reason why it’s not working for me? And if not, what should I do to get my OpenGL back? Thanks folks.

a lot of people on this forum and others seem to have problems with the current xp detonator drivers… I’m content believing that nvidia is working on producing windows logo certified drivers as the latest are not certified. until then i’d suggest trying older drivers, and even older drivers, till either you find something that works, or till nvidia release more compatible software.

DirectX (including Direct3D) is already included in XP, so you dont have to install them. You should be able to test whether DirectX is running correctly in your computer. Microsoft XP allows you to test DirectX components through DX Diagnostics. I’m using Intel P4 with XP and NVidia Geforce 2 and I dont experience any freezing problems. As others may have suggested, don’t use 23.11 detonator XP, use 21.83 instead. This is available in NVidia’s archives. Good Luck.