Questions on Optimizing Mesh with 3D MAX

I have got some 3d models with texture. but they are too complicated to handle. So I tried to optimize them using 3d max.

First, I convert these model files to .3ds. And then import 3ds file in 3d max.

I use the menu item Modifiers->Mesh Editing->Optimize to optimize triangle mesh. Seen from line frame, it seems work well. But the rendering result is not correct!

Two problems exist: 1)the surface is not smooth. this problem is solved by another 3dmax smoothing operation. 2)Texture coordinates is not correct! While the same vertex is duplicated, which may caused by different normal vector, the corresponding texture corredinates are assigned with different values. This make the rendering full of color blocks, I mean the image color is discrete on the edge of adjacent triangles.

Why is it?

Are there other tools that can optimize mesh?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


You’re probably better off asking this on a forum for 3DS Max.

Having said that, the last conversation I had with an art guy about the optimize function in Max involved him swearing a lot about how it screwed up texture coordinates and other data. He got around it by building a high poly mesh, optimising it, then UV mapping each mesh separately.

Maybe there are 3rd party plugins that would work better but, again, you’d probably get better answers on a forum for 3DS problems. (see ) has a 3D studio max forum too.

Good luck.

Use the MRM modifier instead ( Multi-Resolution Mesh ).

It is -perfect- for real-time models.

Thank you all above!

I am clear about it, now.

3D Max Optimizer does have some problem that will mess up texture coordinates.

To Optimize mesh while preserve coordinates, you need a plug-in. I use AF Optimize(Mapping Fix).

Now it works well.

Thank you all of you who give me suggestions.

Best wishes,