questions: multitexturing, stripifying

I’m relatively new to opengl, though i have a basic program up and running. My questions:

-How do I have to set up my rendering pipeline to take advantage of multitexturing? i.e. for a texture map and a lightmap, do i have to render each polygon’s two maps one immediately after another, and are there certain commands i need to use, etc.

-Know of any good utilities to make triangle strips out of a mesh?

thanks for your help.


1: Look into the ARB_Multitexturing extension (or just OpenGL1.2 or 1.3 if you don’t use Win32).

2: Go to nVidia’s website and download the NVTriStrip library. It’s pretty decent.

so, bout that NVTriStrip library… any idea how to use the data it outputs in OpenGL? It the code appears to be fairly directx-centric and I don’t feel up on how to do the conversion myself…