Questions about glTF

Hello, everyone
I have strong interest in nowadays advanced lighting technologies in Vulkan
though I am pretty new to modern computer graphics theory.

I thought ray tracing will be the most modern technology
however I found “physically based rendering” or “global illumination” fairly famous now

So, my questions are

  1. Is glTF (2.0 or later) “best” choice to do “physically based rendering” or “global illumination” ?
  2. Beside Khronos’s own glTF websites, could you please recommend me good websites or books explaining how to use glTF ? (Because I think glTF doesn’t use GLSL language)

Thank you and have a nice day

glTF is a model, scene, and animation asset format. It doesn’t do anything by itself; it’s just a file format.

It does have a lighting model with its own set of material parameters based on a particular PBR function. But whether you use that is ultimately up to you.

Those are three different things. Ray tracing is about how you go about the process of rendering. PBR and global illumination are how you go about the process of doing light-surface interactions. Either can be used in tandem with the other; none of them replaces the others.

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Dear Alfonse:
How are you, Alfonse ?
Oh, thank you so much again for your teaching !
I understand your points
I will keep on studying these topics based on your explanation
Have a great week and see you again, Alfonse

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