I suppose this isnt really on topic either (which is the focus of this post) but here it goes…

Where can we find general-purpose 3d programming web boards that are as cool as this one?

Can we get links to those boards posted prominently on this site?

And, if all else fails, could we possibly have a new web board created here for general purpose 3d issues?

I see too many posts related to “how does matrix math work?” “how to bsp trees work?” (no offense edotorpedo) and the like. We need a place for these types of questions, and since many people come here looking for the answers, I feel it would only be right to at least provide a link (if there is one and I’ve missed it please let me know!).

Even though this board is supposed to be about OpenGL, people are still asking questions about general programming, as you say. I don’t mind answering those questions anyways, but what you say about a new board for general 3D questions might not be so bad.

I have thought some about that aswell, and come up with something like, merge the beginner and advanced section to one section dealing with OpenGL-related questions, and add a section for general 3D programming.

The reason for this is that I think this board is one of the most serious board on the net. There is very little garbage and sh<beep>t talking giong on here. I rate this board as one of the best I have ever seen.

Concerning off-toping questions, I remember a DirectX-specific question on the Suggestions board

And for other boards, you might want to look at the following:

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I would be interested in something like this as well. IMO, this is one of the best boards around and I regularly read both the Advanced and Beginner boards. (If I’m REALLY bored, I sometimes peruse the Linux board.) It would be nice to see an additional board on general 3d programming techniques here as well.

It would help clean up the boards and would be very sensible, but lots of problems wouldn’t fit in either 3d/programming or pure gl; they would be using some general 3d technique ( loading a file say) with opengl.

I should have said it in my first post but… I dont know of any other board that even remotely close to being as useful as this one!

Tim, when you say loading a file doesnt exactly fit as 3d programming, that is true, but I would still consider it in the area. You cant render your 3d model unless you load the model file and you cant texture map your polygons unless you load an image My hopes are to get a place that is just one step above “general programming” towards the 3d realm. BSP trees arent technically 3D either

Also, I like the idea of combining the two programming boards, I find it easier to look at one page than two