Question regarding capabilities of OpenGL


I am a first time poster and total beginner to OpenGL. I have tried searching for my answers but I do not know the technical terms to include in my search. I have programming experience in various languages however I have never worked with OpenGL before. Basically what I would like to do is attach a projector to my PC as a secondary device and thereafter project what is being displayed on the first device to the second device. However I would like to scale and distort it first. I would like to firstly know if this falls under tasks OpenGL can perform and thereafter I would like some pointers as to how it can be done.

Also, I know this is not the place to ask but if anyone has knowledge of this please answer. Can I do this using the Cuda platform instead?

Any pointers to get me started or advice will be greatly appreciated

Under which OS? Under Linux with an NVidia GPU (or GPUs), no problem. You can set up so each output gets different content in a number of ways. With a single GPU, you can use Twinview or Xinerama (for instance)( to drive both with different renderable content. With multiple GPUs, you can set each up as their own X screen, and again drive both with different content.

I have an nVidia 9800 GT GPU and would prefer doing this under Windows Vista or Windows 7. I suppose if there is a way to do it in Linux I could switch tough. Any idea of a Windows based solution?

EDIT: This is more or less the effect I am trying to achieve. I am an Engineering student so I have ideas on how to find the 4 corners of the display surface. I would like to project general content (the entire screen or just one window for example) rather than a custom built application.

I haven’t used a projector, but if it is just like another monitor, then you go into your control panel (I’m talking about Windows). Click on the nVidia icon and figure out how to make it duplicate the contents of monitor 1 on your projector. Whatever you render on minitor 1 will appear on your projector.