Question on sharing cl_events on different cl_contexts

I have been searching around goolge and the forums, and haven’t been able to find a suitable answer concerning cl_events.

A cl_event is associated with a context, and it’s purpose is to contain information on a submitted “task”. It is also used to schedule different queues to run in the correct order.

It’s obviously clear in the specification that all the different OpenCL objects are associated with one context, but why wouldn’t cl_event have support to be used in different contexts?

What if one would want to work with multiple contexts to handle the memory more explicitly with multiple devices, where cl_events are critical? Scheduling queues on different contexts would become more manageable.

Your thoughts on this?

What is a scenario where you’d want to have work on a second context synchronize with something in the first?

To me, it’s fine that events are scoped to a context.

Any synchronization between contexts can be done with OS objects (e.g., OS event).