Question on glTexParameter / glTexEnv

Hi, just one simple question that is driving me nuts: Does glTexParameter (and glTexEnv) configure the texture object that is binded to the currently active texture unit OR does it configure the currently active texture unit and therefore affect every object that is ever going to be binded to that unit?

I already looked it up in the spec and that’s the reason why I’m here, since the spec states: “For OpenGL versions 1.3 and greater, or when the ARB_multitexture extension is supported, glTexParameter specifies the texture parameters for the active texture unit, specified by calling glActiveTexture.” You could understand it both way…

Thanks in advance.

TexParameter sets per-texture-object state. The state will track with the texture, regardless of which unit the texture is bound to.

TexEnv sets per-texture-unit state. The state will track with the unit, regardless of which texture is bound to the unit.