Question of appropriate language

Hi there,

I am attempting to implement my first professional looking GUI within an Applet. Thus, I am looking to create my own graphics for various widgets.

I’ve been attempting to implement my design in Java however the 2D graphics seems rather imvolved. I have also yet to discover how to use my own grapics over the Java API widget functionality.

Any suggestions as to what would be the best way to implement special graphics corresponding to widgets? Would OpenGL be a better way to go?


if you can use the java api to set up some custom 2d graphics, i’d recommend just doing that. using opengl to do it would probably be a lot more difficult. opengl was designed to be an interface for doing hardware accelerated 3d graphics, so it’s kind of overkill for doing custom java applet widgets. good luck.

You want to design new images for widgets/buttons? Sounds to me like you need a graphics tool/bitmap editor like LView, Photoshop, Paint, etc.

Am I missing something here?