question for a programmer in a company

Im a hobby Game programmer.
Since I do all the planning and coding in my own style.
it would interest me how a Game Design
Company handels all the STEPS to a finished Game(for example:

  • the different employed people.
  • How you go about the process of thinking up the Game, what critereas must be furfilled.
  • How things are handled in terms of Economy.
  • The Programming

I would really appreciate your help.
Thank you very much in advance.

Look online for this. Visit for articles on this. Look at the Post mortem game reports in game developer magazine, also available online. This is a bit OT for this board and it’s a very general subject.

Hi all

I think I have a book that you would like to read,

Game Architecture and Design: Learn the Best Practices for Game Design and Programming, By Andrew Rollings, Dave Morris. Paperback - 742 pages Bk&Cd Rom (18 November, 1999)
Coriolis Group Books; ISBN: 1576104257

Amazon .com Link :

Whilst I have not read this book cover to cover yet. I have read a sizeable chunk 300-ish pages and I can say it is quite worth the money, I do look forward to completing it in the future, time is a little hard to find lately.


You can read this article at Gamasutra:

About the birth of a game studio, in Barcelona.


Thanks for your replys.
Theyve all bin a great help.