Question About the Texture Compression

Hi guys, I notice that the opengl-es will support 2 texture compression scheme, iPackman and Flxtc. Does any one know whether I need license the 2 algorithms from the Ericsson and Flantce or just can use free when I design the graphic hardware support the Opengl-es.

Hi Essential,

OpenGL-ES does not mandate any specific texture compression schemes but exposes a generic mechanism which allows compressed texture data to be loaded and used. There are many Texture Compression schemes available under OpenGL ES depending on the vendor, including DXT1 (NVIDIA), DXTn (ATI), iPackman (BitBoys/ATI), FLXTC (Falanx/ARM) and PVRTC (PowerVR/Imagination Technologies and all licensees including TI, Philips, Freescale, Samsung, etc.).

Most of these algorithms are not free to use and would require some kind of license or agreement.


Kristof Beets
Third Party Relations Manager
Business Development, PowerVR

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