Question about specular maps and specularity in OGL

Hello I would like to know how to achive specular effects with specular maps (masks of specularity).

I’d like to know what is faster and better in opengl… Is using a material with lots of specularity plus a specular map better/faster than using a white “blob” spheremap or cubemap as “specular” and mask it with the specular map?

Any examples?

I have a texture plus a specular map of that texture. Im asking this because I only want the metalic parts of the texture to receive “shinniness” from the specular (be it material or cubemap, whatever). Thats why I need a specular map.

Any pseudo-code I can see? or any site where they show how to do this exact thing? - What is faster, better?


Okey then 1000s of users and NO one can help, so nice being here!! I ask nice and all but they wont care to help