Question about pipeline barrier

vkCmdPipelineBarrier is one of the most difficult API in vulkan to beginners, I guess
It is hard to study this API function

So could you please introduce to me
easy good tutorial or use-cases for this API (and pipeline barrier) ?

Thank you and have a nice day

vkCmdPipelineBarrier is a pretty easy function to understand. The hard part is understanding synchronization as a complete concept. Once you understand that, applying those concepts to this function is pretty straightforward.

So you should be looking for tutorials on Vulkan synchronization. Of which many exist.

Also, pipeline barriers specifically are not exactly the most useful Vulkan synchronization primitive. In most cases, an event, subpass dependency, or semaphore would be more reasonable alternatives.

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Shameless plug: Vulkan Synchronization | “Understand Fences, Semaphores, Barriers,…” | Vulkan Lecture Series Ep. 7

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Dear Alfonse:

Thank you very much for your valuable advsise and kindness
I understand your point
I will read the web link you recommended
Even there, there is Vulkan synchronization2 concept, which I didn’t know
Also, thank you for your comments about reasonable alternatives
I learned a lot from you
So have a great week and see you again, Alfonse
Take care

Dear Johannes:
Thank you very much for your nice recommendation and kindness
That youtube lecture (of yours) looks fascinating
Also, I found there are lots of your lectures at

I will refer to those lectures as you recommended. Thank you
So have a great week and see you again, Johannes
Take care

I have to ask: are your responses written by a chat bot or something? They seem to contain a lot of repeated phrases and such, with only 2 or 3 sentences containing meaningful information.

Thanks and so forth are fine to offer, but there is a mechanical quality to your writing that makes it harder to understand what you’re trying to actually communicate.

This is off-topic, of course. But I would assume Kyoungmun is not a native English speaker (much like myself), which would explain the unusual writing style. Personally, I think it’s good whenever people ask about Vulkan, since there is a need for broader discussion, knowledge sharing and developement in this field.

Hello, Alfonse
OK, I will write down concisely
I am a Korean(South)

Anyway, studying Vulkan is so messy for me who didn’t even study OpenGL
I just uploaded a new question about GLSL grammar here in Vulkan topic corner

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