Question about OGL initialization (+)

Hi all
I need to create a OpenGL application under Windows but it must not use Windows OGL libraries. And I cant use GLUT because it use Win routines too (IMHO). Generally I can take OGL library from another source (SGI e.g.) but how I must initialize it under Windows ?

You need to link to microsofts libaries if you want to run it on microsoft platforms. There’s no (good) way around it.

You could always explicitly load the dll and use GetProcAddress to get the function pointers you needed.

If you use the implementation from SGI, link to the opengl.lib and glu.lib.
If you use Microsoft’s, opengl32.lib and glu32.dll

There should be no explicit initialization code. And if you use the proper *.Hs, no need to load DLLs dynamically.

DFrey: That is exactly the “not-so-good” way I (didn’t explicitly) mention…