Question about Multi Display OGL render?

my program create 2 OGL render context,and it run in a system that has 2 display;first one is created from a window that is placed in display 1,and second is created from a window placed in display 2,these two RCs share lists;but I found the rendered image displayed in RC2 is wrong,I think I can’t share 2 RCs that’s created from different display,but I’m not sure it is the key of problem(“wglShareLists()” do not return FALSE),so does anyone can tell me other possible matter?
my computer use GF8800GTS,with 180.48 Version driver, and the Multi-Display mode is DualView.

In my experience Dualview usually causes problems like this. It’s very buggy with OpenGL.

If you switch to horizontal span, I bet everything will work.

it’s a bug in the nvidia drivers
it’s gone in vista. Ati doesn’t have this problem I don’t think.

Try to change Hardware acceleration settings in driver control panel to multi display compatibility or performance mode.