Question about integrating OpenGL code with QT

Thank for all of you! I solved the problem using sorting from last post Questions about rendering transparent texture:)

And, now I have a new problem:/

I finished the coding part for my OpenGL rendering project in VS 2015 and I used glew, glfw, glm these libraries with separated camera headfile and shader headfile. Right now, the dimension of these cubes are hard-coded in the main.cpp.

  1. Is there any way for me to integrate my code with QT creator to let users input cube dimensions using keyboard, and the UI will receive these data and send to render new cubes?

  2. I read that GLFW and QGLWidget might get conflicts, is that true?

  3. If so, should I rearrange all of the my codes in QT creator and using QTWidget instead of GLFW?

  4. Also, my project involves different 2 threads. Is there anything I need to pay attention to when integrating my code with QT GUI?

Thank you so much again!