question about glPrioritizeTextures

hello I have a question about texture priorities.
I want to know what is the defautl value for a texture
priority. If I bind a texture without setting the priority
with glPrioritizeTextures(…) and then retrieve the priority
with glGetTexParameteriv(…) the priority is something
greate than 2 million. So, is there no default value for
a texture’s priority ?


glPrioritizeTextures writes float priorities between 0 and 1, as described in the documentation :

So you’d better get float priorities too with glGetTexParameterfv :
The default is 1 as described in the documentation, that would mean 2+ billion when mapped to signed integer range.
Try with :

Anyway, I heard that the whole gl texture priority system is often ignored by the hardware in practice, so it may or may not be useful. Never tested myself.

thanks for the fast answer.