Question about glnterleavedArrays

I want to ask how many float values should I put into the pointer(float *vertex) if I use GL_V3F and GL_V3F_N3F in glInterleavedArrays(GL_V3F, 0, vertex)?
I am using GL_V3F and put 9 float values into the pointer but see nothing now. Can anyone please kindly answer my question. Urgent. Thanks.

You should put as many float as defined by GL_* enum, for example if you use GL_V3F_N3F you should put 3 float for the vertex coords and 3 float for normal coords for every vertex you want to submit.

How do u render the array after setting the pointer with glInterleavedArrays ?


Thanks for your reply. I am using glDrawArrays(GL_TRIANGLES,0,4092*3); to draw the triangle mesh. I have one more question. If I have more then 2 triangle mesh and I want to detect all of their interaction point. What alorigthm should I use? I am now using for loop to compare each vertices but the performance is very slow.