Question about GL color!``

the problem here:
i want to draw a scene with OGL.
While, after i draw the grid (by some blue lines),the sky become blue too. it’s so dark

the sky is made up of 6 texture .bmps.

i wonder what should i do to avoid this . NEED ur help ~~thx.

code following :


glColor3ub(0, 0, 255);
DrawLines();//to get some grid

sky.DrawSky();//draw sky - a Box


While you’re drawing the sky lighting is off and the base color is blue. Either set it to white or set glTextEnv to use GL_DECAL (not the default GL_MODULATE) to get the pure texture colors on the sky geometry.

thx very much~!!~~

i change the grid color to white .then i can see the DAY sky,

thank u !~