Question about function glPointSize


I do a litte program with OpenGL (for the windows i use GLUT), who display points on the screen.

The default size of the points is too small. So, I found the function glPointSize who let to define the size of points.

By using glPointSize(3.0); for example, it’s good, the points are more tall when I launch the program at home on my Debian 3.1 .

But, I must use my program at my university where there are Fedora distributions on the PC.
At my university, the size of points is always the same (1.0 by default so) even if I use glPointSize(3.0).

So, I don’t understand what is the problem.
Someone would have an idea of this problem or if an option of OpenGL is perhaps desactived at my university ?

Thanks for your help.


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