question about detecting a 3d object in a scene.

Hi, can someone please tell me how to find out if one object is close enough to another object in a scene. For example, I have this cube resting at (20,0,15) and I have another object moving toward it. How do I know if the moving object is acutally touching the cube or moving over it? thanks!

Use some bounding volume to describe the objects. Then, simply test if the two volumes intersect. You could start with something simple like a sphere … very easy to test. Then you could move on to hierarchical bounding spheres, axis-aligned bounding boxes, or oriented bounding boxes.

U do that with Collision detection.

where u are looking for is sphere - plane collision detection. But before u can crasp this concept u should have a good understanding about matrices and vectors.

There are a lot of tutorials out there. But i reccomend that u look into vectors and matrices first.

regards captain geekson