Question about data meaning

Good morning everyone!

I am using OpenXR in a simulator and I’d need to understand the meaning of the data shown in the overlay window, while the application is running.

Please note I’m a simple user, but I’m taking part in a beta testing and knowing these details would be useful.

These are:

App CPU/GPU: ms/ms/Hz
Pre CPU/GPU: ms/ms
Post CPU/GPU: ms/ms/Hz
Pose Age: ms
Compositor Type: Passthru/Motion RP/Depth RP
CPU/GPU Status: 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, various combos up to 3/3+
Warning/Error: none

While I guess I figured out some of these, some others (like the “Pose Age” or the “Compositor Type”) are really hard to understand.

Could you explain me briefly what do these refer to, or just point me to some web page where I can find these info?

I tried searching online and on the Khronos Group website, and on this forum too, but I didn’t find anything.

Thank you,

Those aren’t specified in OpenXR, they sound like features of the specific runtime you’re using. You’ll want to get in touch with your runtime vendor.

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