Question about creating faces

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I’m with a big problem, and I’m trying to find the best solution for this problem, I will try to explain :

I have a model (that is digitized in slices / sections), now I would like to render it, it means that I have to make the faces and I also want to export it in some formats, but not in slices, in faces, the question is : How to create the faces (QUADS or triangles) based in my slices model ?

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Search for lofts

Tried to find, and could not find anything.


conceptually, what is slices ? how do you get a display with slices ?

Slices are sections / curves , in fact what I have is a cloud of points, with this cloud of points I can create sections, based in this sections, I would like now to create the faces.

Lets imagine a rectangle :

------------- These
|----------| are
|----------| my sections / slices


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If you want to have a picture of my object, I can send you, just ask.
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You could also generate surfaces directly from your point clouds for better results.

Here is a starting point:

dorbie, is just this that I’m looking for, do you know some source code that have this kind of stuff ?

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I’m not sure if you can find what you want from, to download VTK(The Visualization Toolkit) there.

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Ok Zw … I will try, thanks for your help.


Don’t forget to to download CMake to compile the source.(the VTK document talk about it, but it didn’t in the VTK package)

VTK is really a powerful tool.It includes a lot of methods to visualize various data sets(eg. scalar field¡¢vector field…).You will like it.

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KurtCob,I’m here again. I has found the class in VTK that you want.

Its name is vtkSurfaceReconstructionFilter.Search the document to use.


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