Question about ARB vertex and fragment programs

I was wondering, where can I find examples of how to use the ARB_fragement_program and ARB_vertex_program?

I also realized today after updating my NVidia drivers for linux, doing a glxinfo doens’t show these 2 extensions. Sorry if this sounds like a newbish question.


Yes, the latest Linux nVidia drivers do not yet have support for ARB_vertex_program nor ARB_fragment_program. I was at least hoping for a full 1.4 capable driver with their latest Linux driver release, but it seems we’ll have to play the ‘waiting game’ for that. Not that I’m angry or anything, I have no right to be. Hats off to nVidia for at least even caring enough to release these drivers for such a small (but ever increasing) market. But they know they can’t afford not too (/me thinks about a recent article involving ILM in Linux Journal)

ahh well, are they in the windows driver?


ARB_vertex_program is in the release 40 drivers. ARB_fragment_program is too new and not yet available in any driver I think. Hopefully soon though

Where do i get the 40 drivers? i remember seeing them at one time but when i went to download the drivers i got 32xx.

Also, where cani find information on using ARB_vertex_program (with no previous experience with vertex programs or fragment programs).

40.71 beta drivers were released yesterday at:

err what about linux tho?


There’s no Linux driver with ARB_vertex_program yet. But I guess it’s only a matter of time. NVIDIA’s Linux driver support is very good compared to other consumer graphics card vendors.