Query on using OpenMax sdk on imx6 platform


Hi All,

We have a prototype on TI’s DM8168 using it’s own av framework,now we would like to make the application portable to other platform,imx6 in purticular. Since I am new to this framework,please excuse me if I put a silly questions.

  1. I want to implement the 4 channel DVR which captures/encode the channel continuesly either in memory or SD card as well as show it on frame buffer.
  2. Based on a Timestamp,we would like to extract frames occuring in the intervel (T+/- t).
    where is T is time stamp and +/- t is the delta time is intervel before occourence and after time stamp.
  3. Can we use OpenMAX in a production enviroment, let me know the legal obligation to adhere.

I would appreciate if any one having similar experience share their knowledge on this platform.