query abt glut and win32

i had a project created using MFC app wizard(exe) and i want to use opengl to output images to my SDI window based on some user inputs from several dialogs, what do i need to start with? Also, i have a book “opengl superbible ver 2” but it uses glut, is that relevant for my project or is there any other tutorials that i can learn from?

You can find lots of stuff here:

You should probably give a go to the following (at least):
Nehe - they have tutorials on how to set up the window for OpenGL, for various platforms incl. Windows.

OpenGL Win32 tutorial:
Focussed on what you’re after. I think it has a quite good OO solution of the problem as well, which always help.

You may also want to take a look at: http://www.gametutorials.com/Tutorials/OpenGL/OpenGL_Pg1.htm
Again intro level tutorials. Most of the examples have .NET, GLUT and SDL versions, which may be quite revealing, if you’re not familiar with their differences. (The .NET version should cover all your needs, although I haven’t actually tested it myself.)

A word on GLUT:
It sounds to me like you’ve got your app up and goind and just want to do some rendering. If so, I suggest you use the win32 approach of the various OpenGL tutorials. This means that you’ll be using MFC for your windowing needs and OpenGL just for the rendering bit.

Note that this way you will be able to build your app only under windows. If you’re just experimenting or starting now, and you’re not made by some weird force of nature to use MFC (or may be .NET frames), you may want to consider using the cross-platform approach. GLUT will provide some basic windows for you, nothing fancy, but you’re code will be entirely portable to linux and elsewhere.

Keep this in mind will give you an extra motivation to structure your design better and make a clear distinction between the platform dependent and platform independent code. Then you’ll be able to re-use the latter in other cross-platform application you develop in the future.

Hope this helps