Querty.Pls help.

Maybe.Shall reinstalling Windows solve the problem? Pls help!

QUOTE]Originally posted by Qwerty77:
[b]You dont need to “download” OpenGL, its part of Windows. You only need drivers that support OpenGL. Since OpenGL worked before you must have done something to nuke it.

Installed anything lately? Matlab for example?[/b][/QUOTE]

I usally dont advise people to reinstall Windows anymore. I used to do that in the past, but people forgot to save their data (word files, emails and so on) and blamed me for it.

I can only tell you that I reinstall my Windows at least twice a year for various reasons.

a.) It’s the only way to clean up all the crap you cant get rid off (there is not one “uninstall” program that really does its job).
b.) After a reinstall everything is fast again.

If you choose to reinstall, make sure to backup all your data first.