Quats and Shaders

I think that the first thing that must come with OpenGL ES 2.0 are shaders. I assume that this will be, so I’m move to the next topic. OpenGL really needs quaternion support. I’m not talking about a library to manage quats, but functions like glRotate that accepts quats. Transformation matrices are useful, but almost all middle-large applications, needs quats (this is applicable to OpenGL 2.1 too…) so, why not include quaternion support? they are equal or more useful than the standar rotation matrices for simple applications, but very powerfull for more complex ones.

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No, opengl is a graphics lib, not a maths lib so quats won’t come in. But its not difficult to write a quat lib now is there.

I know that OpenGL is a graphics lib and not a maths lib, but OpenGL comes with some linear algebra operations, and all OpenGL is based on 4x4 transformation matrices. I’m not saying that OpenGL should has a complete quats library but some gl functions that accepts natively quaternions, think in a glRotate version for quaterions, and maybe a mechanish to transform vertices using quaternions instead of the classical matrices.

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