Quaternions, Euler Angles and Matrices...

Hi there I need a little help in Math…
My problem is, how to compose a matrix from a quaternion. I know how to work out a matrix from euler Angles (pitch, yaw, Roll, or xrot, yrot, zrot), but in this case I have to create 3 matrices and multiply each to get the result. I have a code sniplet, which converts Euler Angles to Quaternions, but how can I make a rotation Matrix out of this? I need the matrix for my Camera calculations…

go there, http://www.gamedev.net/gamedev.asp

they have a sweet tutorial for quaternions.

Thanx Gorg for this good hint. This was exact what i was searchin for :wink:

Although it seems that you are already satisfied with the likn you got, I’m posting a link to a page containing links to two technical reports, one of them is very comprehensive, for further reference: