Quake3 viewer questions

  1. How do I make my scene brighter? When I added light maps everything got too dark. Basically I need to have something that works like the gamma slider in most games. How do ya do that?

  2. I tried to figure out how the bsp tree structure works in quake3 but am at a loss. I thought it would be a solid bsp format, but I don’t see the features for that. Basically I need an basic overview of how quake3 organizes it’s bsp tree. Is there a resource out there that does this? I’ve tried looking at Aftershock code but it doesn’t make much sence. I suppose if I have to I could spend some serious time on aftershocks code to understand it, but I thought I’d ask and see if there’s an easier way first.

I’ve also missed that gamma slider, and I’ve tried with BSP’s for a long time and as you say AfterShock seems a little bit confusing but I would try it if it wasn’t .c, I’m using .cpp and that creates alot of errors just because of that…