quake3 on windows 2000

1.)I cant run quake3 arena on windows 2000 server.my mother board is named BIW2B.i dont know the manufacturer of the board.when i run quake3 the message “could not load opengl sub system” appears.what is it.please help me.

“could not load opengl sub system” means that quake 3 couldn’t set up opengl. I think this problem is caused by your video card. Try another one (or the latest driver) if it is a very old one. Quake 3 has no problems with win2000.

I got the same problem b4. Q3A would not load in W2k. My solution was solved after i downloaded the latest point release 129_Beta patch 4 Q3A. So give it a try might work!


BTW the website is at www.planetquake.com/quake3/files.shtml