quake3 models

any of you guys know where i can get a quake 3 model viewer witho source, except the one from mentalvortex?
md3view from mental vortex crashes on my computer… (


You can still use its source code as a starting point. The only part from it you absolutely need is the md3 file structs. Having that, it is relatively easy to make your own viewer.

Gimme the url,please!

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the reason it crashes is they’re not using the information from the header right, its assuming that all the model data is in the same order all the time but it ain’t. to get around the problem. just read in the header how much data u have to skip and do a fseek

You mean i have to read the header again??
The structute isn’t saved always the same , do you mean the fist is not always the id, and next is not always the version, name, etc etc???


The structure of the header is always the same. Just that different parts of the file may be in different order. The header contains the offsets to each different part of the file.

Hello, SO which one of you guys can do my custom made quake3 skin ?

Thanx for the link…