quake3 like metallic meshes

hi guys…i’m wondering how to make that nice kind of metallic mesh with light reflections you can see for example in quake3 on many walls…
i know i should somehow project metallic(?) texture onto face depending on viewer’s position (not angles)…
and 2nd part of my question is about implementation, that’s because i guess GL_TEXTURE matrix mode should be used and when i have 1000 polys that i’d like to draw with these reflections where no 2 of them have same normal vector then i’d probably have to change GL_TEXTURE_MATRIX also 1000 times which could be very slowwww - any suggestions how to make that effect and after how to make it fast with big scenes?

i think in quake3 reflections are not always correct but it still looks great, probably the’ve made some optimizations so it runs that fast

thanks in advance

Concerning the use of the texture matrix, Quake3 does not touch it at all except to load it with an identity matrix. The reason being, some older OpenGL implementations are broken with respect to the proper operation of the texture matrix, or simply not optimized at all. For this reason, Quake3 does all its own texgen (is that a word? if not, maybe it should be).

With respect on how to get that shiny look, simply look at the quake3 shader used for that suface. The quake3 shader language is fairly easy to understand, especially since the specifications of the language are available from id. The trick is trying to figure out how to incorporate multitexture, with a script written for multipass.

thanks for your reply

i’ve been searching for some time for how metallic effects are done in q3 but still didn’t find, although there’s huge amount of infos on shader language developed by id…

i know you’re an expert on quake3 map rendering, could you tell me please where can i get anything on metallic effect?

q3 source code looks very messy for me and it’s difficult for me to find there what i’m looking for

sorry for being that lazy