Quake3 in Linux

I’m trying to get quake3 to run in Mandrake Linux. Ive got a Diamond Viper TNT2 and I have installed mesa 3.2. when i run quake3 i get: “Error: GLimp Init() - Could not load OpenGL subsystem”

Is there something else i need to install?



I can’t remember for real, but I guess you just have to (re)move the libMesaVooDoo.so file in the quake dir and ln -s to your libGL.so or libMesaGL.so (which ever you use) and name it the libMesaVooDoo.so or something like that. And quake will allways load the voodoo lib, but doesn’t notice the difference since all the calls it makes are in the other lib too.


Install Xfree4.0 with last Nvidia drivers.

It’s a pain, but it worth the troubles, it is almost fast as under Windo$…