quake2/NT/ATI Rage Pro

I use an ATI 3D Rage Pro video card on an NT platform. I have download all latest drivers, service packs, directX and contacted ATI support.
When trying to launch quake2 in openGL mode I get a message “init_Glimp() - No hardware acceleration detected.”
Any help most appreciated!

Try asking at www.rage3d.com.

AFAICR, the Rage Pro worked fine in OpenGL on NT4. It may be some other problem, like a rogue OpenGL32.dll in your game directory.

BTW, DirectX doesn’t work on NT4, so downloading it won’t do you much good.

Solution found to my problem with the help of Big Z http://www.geocities.com/ziyadhosein/. I installed the ATI OpenGL driver for winNT and used the OpenGL ICD from the IBM driver set for thinkpad a20 (ation4.dll).
Many thanks to Big Z.