Quake2 dont know how to get mesa working

hello everyone i have been working on getting quake2 to work with mesa for lets see about six months now
i have quake2 under windows and i am using the binaries quake2-3.20-i386-unknown-linux2.0.tar to try to get it to work…i have software mode to work…but i try to change into mesa or any other res and i cant…
i have a voodoo3 pci 2000 video card and a 400 mhz celeron if your wondering…i have no idea why it wont work mesa was setup in my system when i installed linux…
i have copyed the quake2.conf over into /etc directory and told it my quake2 path …and now how the heck can i get it to work with mesa
oh yer, and if anyone knows how i can stop my mouse from stuffing up afterwards when i return to the x windows…please share that to
even if u only know that
oh and i have 160 megs of ram, not that it makes a difference and i am using mandrake 7.1 linux and im using gnome…Thanks

It has been a while since I messed with Q2.

Mesa is a software rendering implementation by default. You can compile 3Dfx support as an option. Q2 comes with a 3dfx mini driver already, read the docs on how to enable it. I think even in the quake2 config, you can select the renderer to either Mesa, 3Dfx, or OpenGL.

As far as the mouse, what do you mean by ‘stuffing up’?


What i meant by stuffing up with the mouse was, when i return to x windows, the mouse is not clicking its just dragging a huge line and selecting everything,i think its not grabbed by x, do u know how i can stop this…thanks.
oh yer if u have icq my number is 81065066