Quake not working on A G3 Beige

Trying to launch Quake 3 on a G3 Beige and getting a open gl error.

any suggestions


OK…just help me with some info:
what graphics card? version of OpenGL installed? and what error message are you getting?
total RAM of your G3? RAM allocated to Q3? (do not set this to anything higher than the recommended value, openGL needs System Memory, not App memory)

2nd the first guy. I have the same problem. My system is okay, I guess.
Power 3d card, guess that’s not much of one, but whatever;
When I try to install open GL from the Q3 disc, I’m not sure it installs…unless it puts itself into it’s folder. Anyway, I’ve got 1.1.2, but I’ve also got a few others from this site.
Ram is 128, which should be more than adaqute. (sorry about the spelling)
I can’t change the amount of Ram to Q3…It’s only 500K!! is that right? I sort of hope not…
BTW, The message it gives me is
“cannot initialize OpenGL”
whatever :stuck_out_tongue:
thanx for any help you can give.

As far as i know i have plenty of ram on the Beige G3, and have 8 megs of video ram. Could it be the card? I have the latest open gl software am running OS 9.04. Could it be the quake demo itself. Is there something else i can try to test the open gl software. I would hate to buy the game and for it not to work.