Quake map file

Could you tell me,where I can find the specification of quake maps ( Q2,Q3 )?

Do you mean the .map file format or the .bsp format? For the bsp format, gametutorials.com has tutotials/code on how to load the quake 3 bsp. Flipcode.com has a quake 2 bsp tutorial, they also have a .map file format tutorial too. Actually, you can find all of this and more by using google.


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useful links : http://graphics.stanford.edu/~kekoa/q3/ http://perso.wanadoo.fr/montanuy/spec/quake/qkmenu.htm http://www.heppler.com/shader/ http://www.qeradiant.com/manual/Q3AShader_Manual http://www.GameTutorials.com/Tutorials/OpenGL/Quake3Format.htm (currently down)


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