Quake III engine problems

I currently own Quake III, Alice, and Star Trek Voyager: Elite Froce - all of which are based on the Quake 3 engine. I am experiencing the same graphical glitch on all three games. My graphics card is a Leadtek Winfast Geforce 2 GTS and my processor is an Athon 800 Thunderbird. The problem I am experiencing is hard to explain, but I’ll try. When I move the mouse (so usually when I move the screen sideways and not forward) the textures seem to get distorted. There is a horizontal line that you can kind of see that just messes up the textures. This happens in more than one place too. So when this happens, you can see several “lines” of horizontal texture distortion. None of the colors are messed up, it’s just that the textures seem to move a bit. I have downloaded the latest drivers and everything. Is this a normal Quake III problem or is there some way I can fix this?

In your graphics card properties panel, in the OpenGL section, turn vsynch on.