Quake III - Crashes

Hi Everyone…

I am running a 750 TBird, VIA chipset, and TNT2. I installed 6.31 drivers for TNT, VIA is 4.25, and DirectX8, and I am running Win2K sp1. Everytime I run Quake III, it crashes. It always crashes when I go into Setup… if I do not go into setup, it will crash randomly during a game… any ideas of what to do? I flashed my BIOS, I set the AGP Aperture size to 4M, 16M… still crashes… Im outa’ ideas… help! :slight_smile:


It is working now!
I switched to a Geforce2 GTS 32MB from a Geforce2 MX, and now, for some reason, Quake III just works! Ok, weird. I am using the 6.49 nvidia drivers…but, everything seems to work (as strange as that might seem)

I’m having many problems too,I have a Savage 4, but now I’m trying to download a patch for quake III, and I hope it resolves.
URL: http://ftp2.extreme-players.de/exp/q3/patches/Q3PointRelease_127g.exe

Mine is working fine now… ever since I switched to the Geforce II - GTS, from the MX. Which card are you using? Do you get problems when you disable GL?

I have a S3 Savage 4, and I having many problems with this game. I don’t know what to do, it’s a nightmare!!!
If you have any solutions please tell me, ok?
thanks a lot.