quake bsp rendering

how do I traverse the bsp tree ?

and how to use the vislist… and then how to render the face ?

is it GL_POLYGON or ?

I want a verry simple example if someon have one

oh… it is for Quake 1 bsps

It may not be a very simple example, but you could always look in the Quake source code. It contains source code for glQuake as well.

I don´t understand the q1 source :stuck_out_tongue: it is to much…

I found this link here in this forum when I search for quake bsp : http://cs-people.bu.edu/jisidoro/cs480/

And I want the source for assignment #4 the finnished source the source you can download isn´t everything only how to load the bsp file and that I know already.